Feminist Boob Earrings (skin variant 3, dark brown) by Eve Senderhauf

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  • polymer clay boob pendants suspend from nickle free earring wire
  • pendant size is approximately 3/4" round


Major:  Illustration, Graphic Design minor, 2024

Artist Statement: I'm Eve Senderhauf, a multimedia artist and new student at Columbia College Chicago. Focusing on illustration, embroidery, and animation, I create art emphasizing female empowerment and childhood innocence. I strive to change the narrative on traditionally female "hobby" mediums like embroidery and sewing and, through them, create art that highlights uniquely female experiences. I also love making jewelry, pins, and zines as a way of making my body of work more easily accessible to the general public. I want my art to be available to all, even those who don't feel like dropping tons of money on an original piece.

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