Commission Portrait by Hemal Patel


Whether you are looking to dress up your social media avatar or commission a portrait of a friend or loved one, you can now commission a ShopColumbia artist to create a custom portrait for you in their distinct style. Choose from the various portrait options including: above the shoulders or above the waist.


  • Digital portrait only. Customers are welcome to print to print the portrait after completion.
  • Artist is able to create a portrait commission with the following options: above the shoulders for $30 or above the waist for $40.
  • Typically production time frame is 5-7 days but because of demand, estimated completion date is 14-20 days.  
  • Once a portrait is purchased, ShopColumbia staff will follow up to verify the commission details and request a photo or photos to provide the artists. Once completed, ShopColumbia will email the final portrait.
  • Please note that most artists are either in school or recent alumni and their availability may change at any time. If for any reason the artist is unable to complete the commission, ShopColumbia staff will refund the customer or suggest an alternate available artist.
  • If you are an academic department or business and are interested in having multiple portraits created of your staff, please email [email protected] for bulk commissions.

Artist Major: Illustration '21

Artist Statement:  I am a Chicago based Illustrator focused on ethereal abstractions of figures in motion. Using a wide array of media that include digital, watercolor, charcoal, conte crayon and most strongly pen and ink I search for how this work can help me explore the possibilities of line, mass and movement. Buried deep in my work somewhere is the conflict of the influence of my Indian culture and my desire to also transcend it. My current work bounces between capturing the nuances of expression and life in portraiture and fantasy inspired digital illustrations. Drawing from the life model is the foundation for all I do.

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