Clear Quartz Necklace by Mikey Tardy

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  • Wire wrapped clear quartz stone on an adjustable hemp cord
  • Cord is approximately 24" long
  • Stone is approximately 3/4"
  • Clear quartz is used to clarify one's mental state, as well as in amplifying the energy of other stones.  Also known as the "universal crystal".


Major: Music (Vocal Performance) '21


Artist Statement:

I'm originally from Massachusetts- I dated someone in high school who made me a wrapped rose quartz necklace and it was one of the most meaningful gifts I've ever received. I started making wrapped stone jewelry when I realized I had crystals and stones that all had stories of the places they came from. Some are from spiritual shops in various states (Maine, Massachusetts, Illinois) while others are found (on a beach in France, in a quarry in MA). Like the rocks themselves, each piece of jewelry is individual and has its own story, no two pieces are the same.

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