Special Order: “Catching Stones” by Haley Cary

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  • Catching Stones by Haley Cary
  • framed and matted
  • size: 36 15/16″ x 26 5/8″ 

Photography, 2024

Exhibition Statement:

A part of a whole not the whole

We as humans tend to forget about the small things. In a landscape we see the overall image, and we overlook what’s under foot. We don’t see the grass or the tundra or the ice or the rocks. This project is not just an artistic look at climate change but also a look at the little things in our world and how we are all connected; humans being just a piece of the whole story not the whole story. I focused on Alaska, where I am from, as it’s being highly impacted by climate change, displayed in my glacier photos. I have composited photos on top of one another to give a sense of connection and discomfort. The idea is that when you look at them you feel as if something is off, this is how I feel about climate change. I not only wanted to show the whole story, the landscapes, but also the components; the tundra, the rocks or the melting ice. It is my objective in this project, to show people the world though new eyes, we all live on this planet not just humans but other animals, and plants. I want people to see the lands, the ocean, the glass, the tundra, the pebbles, the bugs, the spiders, the elephants and everything in between and see that we are all in this together.

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