“#306” (13x19 unframed print) by Isabella Aimone

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Isabella Aimone
digital photograph, unframed
13" x 19"

Exploration in Atrophy consists of photographs of decaying buildings throughout Chicago and the Midwest. The liminal space within a building that has been abandoned is both empty and full, physically deprived of most human possessions but emotionally plentiful in stimulus and mystery. Being inside a place with no borders evokes a sense of freedom to do anything and go anywhere but this doesn't come without the heightened awareness that fear and caution bring when being in a space that is more or less unregulated. Abandoned buildings are where man-made destruction and natural decay meet and are intimately intertwined with each other in the most beautiful, seductive, and almost human way. These places feel frozen in time with decades under their belt. There is no real way to describe the stagnant yet active air inside of these structures but I hope these photos help convey a small part of what I fell in love with in these buildings.

Exploration in Atrophy 
October 24th - November 8th 2018
Reception: Thursday, October 25, 4-6pm

C33 Gallery
33 E Congress, first floor

Chicago, IL 60605


  • digital photograph
  • unframed print
  • 13" x 19"
  • 2018 

Please note:
All work must remain in the gallery until the close of the exhibition. Exploration in Atrophy  closes November 8, 2018. 

After the close of the exhibition, work is available for pick-up from ShopColumbia, 619 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605 during store hours (M-F 11am - 5pm) for Free. Please choose "In Store Pickup" under “Calculate shipping costs”.

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