"10 Transgender Men and Their Legacies" zine by Oliver Grenke

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  • staple bound glossy soft cover
  • 24 pages 
  • 6" x 6"


"This zine tells the stories and describes the legacies of ten individual transgender men in the past. Even in LGBTQ+ media and history, trans men are often underrepresented, and some people don’t even know we can exist. I wanted to make something that proves we do, that describes our triumphs, our struggles, and our experiences.

Each of the ten men get their own uniquely designed spread, which includes their life story, legacy, and a photo of them. This is a project I was very passionate about, and I tried to make this zine feel very personal.

The zine itself is staple bound, with a thick, laminated, glossy cover and satin matte pages, measuring 6in by 6in square. It is 24 pages long.

It was extremely difficult to choose just 10 men for this project. I decided to choose men who are no longer with us, to help honor their memories, and those who had photographs of them taken, but I put no constraints on time or era. These men’s stories and legacies resonated with me the strongest.

Overall, I hope my zine makes a small contribution to LGBTQ+ visual media and honors each of these men’s lives. Queer history, and especially trans history, is rarely taught or learned about by anyone outside the community, and I hope that changes."


About the Artist

Graphic Design, 2022

Artist Statement
Hello, I'm Oliver! I’m a senior at Columbia College Chicago studying graphic design. I live in Chicago with my partner, my pet lizard, and my pet cat. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, painting, going for walks, and playing video games. As a proud LGBTQ+ artist, my work is often a reflection of my life experiences and pride.


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