“Transparency” framed inkjet photo mural by Lindsey Higgins

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Size: 32" x 32"
Media: framed photograph
Frame: white wood, non-glare acrylic

Artist Statement
During my time in Chicago I have continued to be fascinated by the city’s architectural history as well as how the elaborate and contrasting architectural styles speak with each other. When photographing architecture, I consider framing choices and lighting scenarios in order to create tension within the forms I am observing. Both structures are presented similarly due to the time of day and weather. The shapes and tones in both exhibiting structures change as the sun moves across the sky, leading to exciting and new possibilities within the frame. I have chosen to capture these forms during a cloudy day, which gives the otherwise strong and solid materials a fluid and transparent appearance. I aim for my audience to question the spaces they are observing through providing a sense of illusion within my photographs.

Curatorial Statement by Ashley King
Facets is an exhibition presenting works from three emerging Columbia College Chicago artists who diversely explore architectural photography through distinct consideration of form, light, lines, and environment. Through these considerations, each piece of work create an intimate point of view bringing forth the commonly unnoticed intricacies of these structures.

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