Screenprinted card on gold cardstock, LIly Cozzens

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  • Media: screenprinted on gold cardstock
  • blank inside
  • Size: 5" x 7"


About the Artist

I am an artist, an illustrator, and a printmaker. My work relies on a dedication to detail through the process of drawing and the practice of realism. I feel that drawing is the rawest and truest means of expression because of its immediacy, and a valid medium in and of itself. I am particularly inspired by a passage from "Bento's Sketchbook" by John Berger, in which he explains "We who draw do so not only to make something observed visible to others, but also to accompany something invisible to its incalculable destination”.

I feel that realism can lend itself to a level of frankness that is attractive to viewers, given that it most honestly reflects the way each of us views the world around us, and therefore is familiar. Being able to accurately and realistically capture something - a person, an object, a moment - lends itself to a permanence beyond itself. A realistically drawn image has an air of magic that something like a camera, which is often touted as the ultimate tool of realism, could never quite live up to. In photography, the camera acts as an intermediary between the artist and the subject. In drawing, there is no such boundary - the medium is only an extension of the artist. Mark-making lends this trace of humanity to the piece.

I work primarily in pen, a familiar and accessible tool not normally thought of as an “art” tool. I feel that it lends a certain approachability to my work due to the multiple potential applications of pen outside of art. Ink is indelible, which keeps an edge and subversiveness to the process. This medium lends itself to both the detailed execution and the limited color palette of my work. I find that I am naturally attracted to using black, reds, and blue (the primary ballpoint pen colors). In some pieces, I like to incorporate found objects and/or color blocking to further enliven the image. I try to pair my detailed execution with the stylistic use of my chosen medium in order to bring a warmth and vivacity to my brand of realism.

My sketchbooks are full of figure drawings, studies of buildings and architectural details, imagined spaces, everyday objects, and the contents of my dreams. I am fascinated by the banal, the seemingly inconsequential things that often go unnoticed, consciously and subconsciously. The more fleeting or hard to pin down precisely, the more it attracts me as potential subject matter. The meaning is created through the process of a visual word-association, although not always literal. I try to create non-linear narratives in my work that I piece together, as in dreams and poetry.

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