#notmypresident, 3 stickers by Kristin Taylor (all artist proceeds donated to ACLU)

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Kristin Taylor
opaque waterproof, vinyl sticker
3” x 4”

Artist Statement
My work examines the cyclical nature of the American political climate. Started over a decade ago, the drawings are humorous interpretations of the lofty figures who hold positions of power, contrasted with the mundane moments of everyday Americans living in a country divided between two major political parties in gross opposition of one another. I am keenly interested in the divide between urban and rural climates and how environment and geographic location can affect ones political ideologies. The series began while living in Washington, DC during the second term election of George H.W. Bush. Now as the country faces a new period of transition and battles over civil liberties, the series has been re-opened to illustrate the often stark divide between government and citizen.

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