"Pe´re Lachaise" Slip Cased Book, Mark Ballogg

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Pere Lachaise
Pages: 128
size: 12” x 12”

The photographs that comprise the book are Mark Ballogg’s series of images of the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery in the heart of Paris, France.  

“Through transfiguring Pere Lachaise in his photographs, Ballogg gives us a specific response to the place that we could never have had if we were physically there and perceived it with our naked eyes.  Mots importantly, the images have a uniform aesthetic surface that can never be sustained in ordinary perception.  They are always clear and highly resolved, yet they are never sharp-edged and graphic.  They have a very wide tonal range and they fall in the dark side, yet their details are never obscured.  The compositions are never fully symmetrical and rarely straight on, but instead are taken at subtle angles and from the side so that the relations among different structures are disclosed and perspective is flattened.  Ballogg has converted his 4x5” negatives into digital files, transforming them in Photoshop into a final form that meets his pre-visualized intent.  His subjects are always involved and full of detail.  He uses openings between and within structures as framing elements that unite and divide at once.  As a result of his choices and strategies, Ballogg’s images are meditative and engaging, relaxing disparate components so that they appear to form wholes, the parts of which can be explored at length and then put together.  Ballogg has done everything to give us images into which we can look and in which we can dwell.”  —Michael A. Weinstein, excerpt from the introduction of Pere Lachaise


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