"Dope Ass Coloring Book" by Chanel Goodson

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Chanel Goodson
Dope Ass Coloring Book
20 pages + cover
8.25” x 11”

Artist Statement
Dope Ass Coloring Book was designed to promote the power of art therapy. The book started off as a project for an entrepreneurship class. Inside the class each person got to pitch a business idea and the class had to vote on the best idea. I pitched the idea to design a coloring book marketed to college students. It took three weeks to come up with images for the book. My biggest inspiration for the book was the media. I used the media to help me decide what will college students like myself want to color. I wanted the book to be fun and funny. I wanted to make people say wow you really put this image inside the book. I think my book would inspire other Columbia College students to be more creative with their work. Being a fashion business major, people would never believe I could produce this work. I want to inspire people to try new things regardless of your major. I decided to use the name Dope Ass, because the word dope is what I use to express my work. The meaning of dope to me is something that is amazing, something that is creative.


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