“Hours” by Luis Colindres and Tom Molloy

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Luis Colindres and Tom Molloy
31 pages + cover
full color
8.5" x 6.75"

Artist Statement
Hours is a book about a pigeon and a rat.

The story follows two of the most despised urban dwellers as they travel around the city of Chicago over the course of 24 hours.

Lifelong friends Tom Molloy and Luis Colindres created this story to show viewers a perspective of the city they've never seen before. Both artists took their own approach to the story, bringing similar art styles they've developed together over the years while also adding their own unique spin, creating contrast between both sides of the story.

The daytime features Luis' strong, vibrant colors, showcasing the beauty of the city with a noble representation of the pigeon. Tom tackles nighttime with his dark, signature drawing style while adding a comedic approach to his anti-hero's adventure through Chicago's unseen nightlife.

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