"A Guidebook to Self(i.e.) Love" by Eddie Oliver Smith

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Eddie Oliver Smith
full color glossy trade book
130 pages
5" x 8"

Artist Statement
Eddie Oliver Smith is a 20 year old author, filmmaker, YouTuber, and LGBT activist who has shared his quirky, comedic, and emotionally charged lifestyle video blogs for the past seven years. With over 2.2 million overall viewers, he’s shared his powerful messages of peace, love, and positivity as he’s battled intense bullying, hatred, and non-acceptance, only to turn that hate into love.

After going viral on vice.com last year for his artistic recreation of his idol Lady Gaga’s concert, he decided to dedicate his online life to inspiring others to love themselves. Eddie’s willingness to talk about some of the deepest and darkest issues surrounding his past has allowed him to inspire others across the world. His most personal project to date, a self-published book titled 'A Guidebook To Self(i.e.) Love', details just what it’s like to grow up different, deal with life’s up-and-downs, and combat self-esteem issues while living in a media world.

Eddie hopes that by sharing his advice for “coming out” of real life situations, he can help those battling with the biggest self(i.e) loving dilemmas. “So here’s to hoping that one day soon, whenever you’re ready, that you too can start living. All you gotta do is find a little bit of self(i.e.) love.”
- #SelfieLoveBook

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