"Untitled" Extra Large Monoprint by Kate Anderson

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  • Size: 12 3/4" x 11 1/8"
  • One of a kind, edition of 1
  • 10+ ink colors
  • signed and numbered by artist on back


My work incorporates process-based mark-making to evaluate how time is marked, spent, and recorded. I embrace a broad interpretation of drawing processes as documentation of lines and traces.

These actions are exhibited through sewing, textiles, gesture paintings, endurance-based performances, printmaking methods, and handwriting exercises to highlight the fabrication of a routine within extensions of the drawing medium. In executing these process-oriented activities and investigating the development of muscle memory to inform new methods of pattern making, I am documenting the mastery of seemingly inessential skills. My work encourages the viewer to consider the act of making as a ritual-oriented experience which can challenge the value of time.  
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