Canvas Print by Industrial Grace Restoration

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Digital print on canvas
12" x 24"

Photograph shows 2 copies of the canvas print.  Each print is $80.  Multiple copies available.


Artist Statement:


I create relationally oriented haptic objects that promote resilience in the midst of the dynamics of globalism. Since I grew up in New Zealand, my work is grounded in Southern Theory. Southern Theory aims to critique models perpetuated by Europe and the United States. For example, in many places in the North people think that to be important you need to own lots of things or have lots of money. In fact, when we keep our riches to ourselves we can end up hurting the people and the land around us. Southern theory teaches us that there are alternatives. For example, the New Zealand Maori (and many other kinds of people) teach that things and money should be used to build relationships of trust so that we can all be safe.

In the same way, by situated my work in the gift economy, rather than the market economy, I place relationships with people over the acquisition of dollars. Objects so give not only strengthen relationships, they come to symbolize them, too. When used as objects of reflection these objects remind us that we are connected to one another in a network of trust and community. Remembering our relationships renews our resilience.

Next, my artwork uses the sense of touch to help people remember better. When they can remember about happy times in the past that helps them make sense of what is happening to them now. They can make meaning out of their life story. This makes them stronger when things change. They can bounce back and feel better much sooner. In technical jargon, my work uses haptics to activate memory and meaning-making, and thereby promote resiliency.


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